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Build a Model

Allied Moving Van Folding Model

Build it with your kids! From your Black Hills Allied Van Lines Agent.

Print and assemble the model below, which fits on letter-sized paper. Or visit one of our Rapid City offices (413 6th Street or 417 Pine Street), and ask for a free, larger version printed on stiff paper. All you need are scissors and maybe some tape or glue. Instructions for downloading, printing & assembling the model are below the picture. Have fun!

(KIDS … Be sure to ask a parent or guardian before using scissors!)

Build a Model

Printing instructions:

When the model page is displayed in your Web browser, click ‘Print’ in the ‘File’ menu. You may need to adjust your printer settings or your page setup options. If you don’t have a color printer, use an orange crayon or marker to color the picture so it looks just like the one above.

Assembly instructions:

Carefully cut along the outside edge of the Allied Moving Van, making sure not to cut off any tabs. (Also be sure not to cut through the bottom of the truck.) Next, carefully cut around the bottom half of the wheels. Finally, make all folds along the dotted lines, and make slits to insert lettered tabs into slots. Start with TAB A and proceed in alphabetical order.

If you have trouble or need more models:

Visit one of our Rapid City offices (413 6th Street or 417 Pine Street), and ask for a free, larger version printed on stiff paper.

Caring makes us careful!

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