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Record Storage

Secure & Confidential A service of the Record Storage Solutions Division of North Western Warehouse Company, Rapid City SD.

Private. Convenient. Affordable. Reliable. Locked canister pick-up and delivery at your place of business.

Secure Document Disposal, Pick-up & Destruction

Our locking shred containers provide secure document disposal until the containers are picked up at your business, as well as in our warehouse prior to shredding. Containers are unlocked at the shred table, where the contents are immediately shredded. A mechanical baler compresses the shred into 1100 lb. bales that are sent for recycling.

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Record Storage Shredding

North Western Warehouse Company has taken a technical step forward to provide better service by opening a new division called Record Storage Solutions.

Record Storage Solutions not only helps store office records, files, computer reports (and even frozen foods), but it also helps manage them.  We become a part of your office staff, bringing with us a new computer program that can index and track each container and file folder.  These indexes can be set to dates, categories (time cards, pay stubs, canceled checks, invoices, doctors, attorneys, salespeople, departments, divisions, branches, etc.) sequence ranges, date ranges, permanent or temporary files … and also offer indexed text contents sections up to 40 characters, plus description sections allowing up to 275 characters per container (non-indexed).

We offer you a web connection via your computer, so you are never farther away from your records than your computer keyboard.

Our system is bar coded for quick marking, receiving, retrieval and re-file, taking the work, problems, and frustration out of your records department

Full-service storage and online management of records, data media, and frozen food – convenient and confidential. We also offer secure document shredding, with canister pick-up and delivery at your place of business.

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Record Shredder Video

Record Storage & Record Shredding

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Catch-A-Trip and Save

Save by shipping on partly loaded or returning trucks. LTL freight, vehicles & other specialty items are welcome!

Using Catch A Trip

  • Most trips begin in the Rapid City, SD, area. After reaching their destinations, most trips return to the Rapid City, SD, area.
  • Select a region for a list of trips going through that region. Usually, you should select the region where you want your shipment picked up.
  • Select a trip that best matches the time period and the route of your shipment.
  • Provide the requested information and submit the form.
  • We’ll let you know if you can Catch-A-Trip(sm), and we’ll estimate the cost.

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How Catch A Trip Works

  • Call to find out if one of our Rapid City based trucks is going to, or coming from, where you want to ship your belongings to.
  • Tell us about what you are shipping.
  • Let us know when you want the items to arrive at the destination address.
  • We’ll tell you if we can fit your items in to a trip that is already planned on one of our Rapid City based trucks.

Or, we can offer you the option of shipping your items via Allied’s long haul network. Their minimum shipment is only 1000 pounds!

If you have questions about Catch-A-Trip(sm), click here to send email to our Certified Moving Consultant, or contact us by phone (605-342-1460), fax (605-342-1744). Out-of-area customers, please call 1-888-562-7880.

Catch A Trip Availability


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