Commercial Storage

  • 84,000 sq ft dry storage, stored by 4×4 pallet
  • 8,500 cu ft freezer storage, stored by 4×4 pallet
  • You rent space by PALLET for a given rental period.
  • 24/7 Web/Inventory Access and Ordering
  • Pick-up & inter/intra city delivery
  • Bonded & $1M liability insured
  • Fire & burglar protection
  • Sprinklerized
  • Custom crating, hand-built crates
  • Modernized contemporary facilities
  • Four truck docks
  • LTL Freight

View Your Storage Online

You can view your inventory or place an order from the comfort of your own computer.

Inventory is bar coded and logged into our computer system.

Whether you need temperature control or just plain floor space, have North Western Warehouse help provide your storage needs.